Micro-Credential: Foundations of Cyber Operations

In partnership with the MITRE Corporation, the Foundations of Cyber Operations – Micro-Credential is an innovative and educational initiative designed to provide students with the tools they need to function in a highly digitized world. This badge will focus on the different types of cyber operations and their operators, as well as how cyber operations impacts their lives.

Student Development Badges are a form of micro-credential fully supported by the university and offers students an effective way to develop core competencies in areas that will have a significant impact on their everyday life.

This Badge will be delivered via four modules, each focusing on a core component of Cyber Operations while the fifth and sixth modules will conclude the program with a fully immersive “capture the flag” simulation.
1Cyber Operations and Threats
2State and Proxy Cyber Operations
3Cyber Crime
4MITRE ATT@CK Framework
5Caldera Training Workshop Session
6MITRE Advisory Emulation Capability
The demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to outpace supply. This development badge will provide you an accessible means to learn about an important aspect of cybersecurity and begin a career in a highly lucrative industry. Participants will learn a core competency needed to function in a highly digitized world.

The course will be taught Dr. Alexander Crowther. The course will consist of lectures by Dr. Crowther alongside training workshops and simulations by MITRE Representatives.

Students interested in participating can be put on a waiting list by sending an email to jgitalentdev@fiu.edu