Undergraduate Certificate in Public Policy

How is public policy created? How is it implemented? How does it transform daily life? The Public Policy Studies Certificate Program is an interdisciplinary program that enables degree-seeking Florida International University students to gain a critical understanding of public policy.

Besides providing students with a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives on public policy, the certificate program also provides students with practical experience through internships with public, private, non-profit and political organizations in South Florida, Tallahassee, and Washington, D.C. For those students looking for careers in public policy, in or out of government, this experience is crucial.

The Course Catalog contains the FIU courses which count towards credit for the Undergraduate Certificate. Please check the FIU Public Class Search to verify which classes are offered during a specific semester. Students may submit other classes for approval by email to jgitalentdev@fiu.edu


Certificate Requirements

The certificate program requires the completion of 18 semester hours of college credit. American Government (POS 2042) is recommended as a prerequisite course. All students must then complete a common core of coursework by selecting one course from each of the following three core categories for a total of nine hours. Then, the student must fulfill the requirement of one of the four internship tracks: Federal Policy, State Policy, Local Policy, or Non-Profit Policy.

Core Courses (9 credit hours)

Selection one of the following courses:

ECO 2023: Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 2013: Principals of Microeconomics

Select one of the following courses:

POS 3424: The Legislative Process
PAD 3003: Introduction to Public Policy and Service
PAD 4110: Public Service Budgeting and Fiscal Management

Select one, three-credit hour certificate course. Students are encouraged to take a public policy issues course in their major, if it is offered, to satisfy this requirement.