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The Gordon Institute’s wide variety of National Security Studies programs offer students a chance to get involved. The High School Program in National Security Studies challenges students with complex domestic and international security issues via hands-on information analysis and diplomatic negotiation simulations. Students can also take advantage of a week long Summer Institute on National Security Studies, a multi-disciplinary program incorporating topics in Geography, Information Technology, World Politics, and various international security issues.

For those already enrolled at Florida International University, students can take part in the Program in National Security Studies' Mentors Seminar as well as the State Department Diplomacy Lab. The National Security Studies' Mentors Seminar provides a non-traditional learning experience by allowing student participants to work in small groups with FIU faculty, Gordon Institute staff, and students from various academic areas in a non-graded, non-credit forum. Participants watch films, participate in active-learning simulations, and engage in discussions on national and international security-related concepts and controversies. Students who participate in Diplomacy Lab will conduct research around various topics presented to them by the State Department in areas including climate change, democracy and human rights, counterterrorism, global health, and energy security.