Security Research Hub

In the vast landscape of data and information surrounding security challenges, researchers face the daunting task of making sense of it all. The Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy’s Security Research Hub serves as the virtual research platform that aims to harness publicly available information that supports collaboration and shared understanding about Latin American and Caribbean security issues. Among their set of dashboards are: China’s Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean, Small Arms and Light Weapons 2.0, and Haiti Kidnapping. These dashboards will not only empower policymakers to identify trends and brief their leaders effectively, they offer valuable resources for students, researchers, and journalists. The dashboard process is streamlined by compiling existing datasets and publications with partner institutions.
The SRH has aggregated over 400 data sets and created a series of dashboards & maps meant to synthesize data related to important challenges facing the Western Hemisphere today. Dashboards & maps are created and hosted by FIU on native platforms and ArcGIS. The dashboards and maps are updated frequently as more data becomes available.


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