Undergraduate Certificate in National Security Studies

Since September 11, 2001, national security issues have become an increasingly salient aspect of our daily lives. The Undergraduate National Security Studies Certificate offers a means for better understanding this important subject in the 21st century and provides skill enhancements for students interested in national security-related careers. This certificate is an excellent complement to many undergraduate disciplines. It may be awarded to degree-seeking students with a bachelor's degree who complete the requirements.

The Course Catalog contains the FIU courses which count towards credit for the Undergraduate Certificate. Please check the FIU Public Class Search to verify which classes are offered during a specific semester. Students may submit other classes for approval by email to jgitalentdev@fiu.edu

Certificate Requirements

A total of 18 credit hours of undergraduate course work with a grade of C or higher is required. Courses must come from the approved course listing or be approved by the certificate advisor. Courses may include those in the student’s departmental major, but must also be selected from at least two disciplines outside the student’s departmental major. With the approval of the director, courses other than those listed herein maybe substituted on a case by case basis.

  • Skill Requirement: Analytic Writing or Effective Governmental Communications (3 credit hours)
  • Core Requirement: Research Methods and Foreign Policy (6 credit hours)
  • National Security Studies: Fundamentals of National Security (3 credit hours)
  • Electives: (6 credit hours)

A two-course introductory language sequence at FIU with a grade of C or higher is required. Exemption from this requirement may be obtained through a proficiency examination. Language courses may not be counted toward the fulfillment of requirement #1 above. Language skills are valuable to federal agencies, as well as to many state and local governments and to many private sector for-profit and not-for-profit corporations. Students are encouraged to go beyond the minimum requirements to master one or more languages.

Note: Intermediate-high on the ACTFL exam (1-plus on the US government scale) can normally be attained by students with two undergraduate semesters of basic language instruction and at least one undergraduate semester of intermediate (3000-4000) instruction. Attainment of the required language proficiency is the responsibility of the student, and courses to achieve the required proficiency level must be taken outside the 18-hour NSS curriculum.

Students interested in pursuing an Undergraduate Certificate in National Security Studies should contact the certificate advisor at (305) 348-2977 for an appointment.