Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Intelligence & Information Policy

Offered by the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy, this certificate may be awarded to both degree and non-degree students who complete the requirements. For students pursuing a degree, this certificate is a complement to a student’s discipline or major area of studies. For non-degree-seeking students, this certificate provides a means for understanding more about cybersecurity intelligence and information policies in the 21st century.

The 2020/2021 Course Catalog contains the FIU courses which count towards credit for the Undergraduate Certificate. Please check the FIU Public Class Search to verify which classes are offered during a specific semester. Students may submit other classes for approval by email to jgi@fiu.edu.

Certificate Requirements

A total of 18 credit hours of undergraduate course work with a grade of C or higher. Courses must come from the approved UCGCP course listing or be approved by the certificate advisor. Courses may include those in the student’s departmental major, but must be selected from at least two disciplines outside the student’s departmental major. With the approval of the Director, courses other than those listed herein may be substituted on a case-by-case basis.