High School Teacher Workshop on National Security Studies

Fall and Spring Teacher Workshops on National Security Studies

The Teacher Workshops on National Security Studies are one-day seminars for teachers interested in bringing students to the international security simulation offered each semester. The workshop’s theme is generally based on the topic of the upcoming simulation (i.e., Cuban Missile Crisis, Food Crisis in Haiti, Spanish-American War, Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia, etc.). Teachers who attend the workshop are given a thematic background and logistical overviews on the upcoming simulation, as well as reading materials to help their students to prepare. Furthermore, speakers from academia and the U.S. Intelligence Community are featured. The guest speakers talk about their research in the social sciences and in security issues, Intelligence Community careers, and share information on internship and career opportunities for prospective college students. Finally, The Gordon Institute compiles international security reading materials and active-learning education literature for the teachers to enhance National Security Studies education in their classrooms.

Due to COVID-19, future teacher workshops are tentatively on hold. Teachers wishing to participate in the workshops should contact Senior Program Coordinator, Aldo J Fonseca at (305) 348-3474 or at alfonsec@fiu.edu.