The Cybersecurity Leadership and Strategy Professional Education Program is designed to arm elected officials, municipal and state leaders with essential skills in cybersecurity policy, strategy, and response. The program focuses on the requirements of the 2022 Local Government Cybersecurity Act, Florida Statute Section 282.3185.

Utilizing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a benchmark throughout its modules, the program ensures alignment with best cybersecurity practices. It's tailored to accommodate the varied leadership levels and contexts within local governments.

The program incorporates a series of experiential exercises and simulations, challenging participants to identify threats, formulate strategies, and respond to cyber-attacks in realistic scenarios, including those relevant to the 2022 Local Government Cybersecurity Act.

Participants will engage in group discussions, individual and team activities, and practical exercises to develop their understanding of cybersecurity principles. The program underscores the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a key standard, equipping participants to implement this framework in their organizations for improved cybersecurity and compliance with legislative requirements.

Course Options and Registration

These trainings are intended for executive and managerial public sector employees without a technical background. It offers an in-depth, non-technical exploration of cybersecurity leadership and strategy over several sessions in a two-day period, incorporating practical exercises and simulations for hands-on learning. Participants will delve into the intricacies of emerging threats, organizational cybersecurity, policy and strategy development, and effective implementation, with a strong emphasis on the requirements of FL SECTION 282.3185, FLORIDA STATUTES (F.S.), THE 2022 “LOCAL GOVERNMENT CYBERSECURITY ACT". The course utilizes the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a guiding standard and includes practical exercises and simulations to ensure real-world application of the concepts learned.


To be eligible for participation, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Currently employed by a Florida state, local, tribal, or territorial government organization in a technical, executive, or managerial role that requires IT or cybersecurity knowledge and skills. You will be required to provide a letter or email to verify this.
  • Availability to fully participate in the selected course or tabletop exercise during the entire duration and complete all requirements.
  • No IT or cybersecurity experience required.

More Information or Questions?

Please contact Melissa Da Gama at

FIU Florida Cybersecurity Executive and Managerial Training Program Team

Brian Fonseca, Director, FIU Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy

Randy Pestana, Associate Director, Cybersecurity, FIU Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy

Mike AsencioProgram Director, Cybersecurity, FIU Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy

Patty Cepero, Assistant Director, Administrative Services, FIU Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy

Alexis Baez, Marketing Communications, FIU Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy

Melissa Da Gama, Program Coordinator, FIU Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy