Intelligence Analysis Track

The Intelligence Fellowship program is comprised of four distinct but equally important pillars:


The academic pillar will provide fellows training via six online courses (18 credits). Fellows will pay regular tuition and fees for two online courses during each of the summer, fall, and spring semesters. IA Track participants will enroll in the National Security Studies certificate taught by several former IC practitioners and is scheduled as follows:

ISS 3130: Fundamentals of National Security
ISS 3214: Fundamentals of Globalization

ISS 4385: Effective Governmental Communication
ISS 4364: Introduction to Structured Analytic Methods

ISS 3222: Special Topics in Foreign Policy
ISS 4930: Topics in Globalization: Ethics & Intelligence


Intelligence Fellows in both tracks participate in professional development workshops aimed at enhancing job seeking-skills. During the fall and spring semesters, Fellows receive support in five critical professional development areas: resume, cover letter and personal statement writing, developing an elevator pitch, and honing scenario-based interview question skills. During the spring semester, Fellows refine skills in public speaking, networking, and branding for success. Furthermore, Fellows meet and brief hiring managers and agency representatives during the Fellowship’s annual spring break trip to Washington, DC.



Each fellow will select a functional and geographic area at the start of the program. The fellow will research, write, and present on that functional and geographic area during the course of the fellowship. During the fall, fellows will produce 500 word analytic blogs biweekly exploring the functional topic in the geographic context. Each blog should build on the analysis of the previous blog, furthering the fellows’ depth on the subject while honing analytical skills. Mentors, faculty, peers, and subject matter experts will periodically provide feedback on logic and flow of analysis. During the spring, fellows will produce a series of monthly analytic products—2 assessments and 2 estimates. Each product length is approximately 2,000 words. The assessments and estimates should build off of the fall blogs. Fellows will publish and present their work at various outlets made available by Gordon Institute program coordinators.


Fellows work with mentors, some who have served or currently serve in the U.S. intelligence community and private industry leaders in cybersecurity, to provide guidance in three key areas: professional development, intelligence community/private sector culture and subcultures, and intelligence analysis (research, critical thinking, and written and oral communications skills). Mentors and Fellows meet face-to-face routinely throughout the academic year to help develop both writing and briefing skills.

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