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The Intelligence Fellowship workforce development program is made up of two tracks: Intelligence Analysis (IA) Track and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Track both similar in their mission with different academic sub-requirements and mentorship guidance. These programs prioritize the value of ongoing workplace education and skills development, as well as address the hiring demands of employers within the Intelligence Community.


The objective of the Public Interest Technology (PIT) Fellowship Program is met via a two-pronged method including a curriculum focused on public interest technology with the opportunity for students to receive a digital badge and the implementation of the FIU PIT Fellowships which allows students to gain real-world exposure to the application of PIT and conduct research for partnering host entities. Teams of selected FIU Fellows will be deployed to partnering host entities in the Spring and Summer of 2021. These fellows will also engage in a series of workshops provided by FIU’s Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy to gain the skills to be credentialed via a PIT digital badge.