Hemispheric Cybersecurity Policy Forum

Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy’s (JGI) Hemispheric Cybersecurity Policy Forum (HCPF) advances the understanding of the interconnectedness of policy, operations, and technology to protect the security of nation states within the Western Hemisphere. Included within JGI’s cybersecurity policy portfolio is a network of affiliated scholars from academic and the public and private sectors in support of cybersecurity based events including in-depth discussions, academic roundtables, and professional education. Included within JGI’s Cybersecurity portfolio is the Cybersecurity Leadership & Strategy Executive Certificate Program. A description of this effort is included below:

Cybersecurity Leadership & Strategy Executive Certificate Program: This two-day professional training program advances participant understanding of current and emerging cybersecurity threats facing the security of nation states and explores best practices in governmental approaches to combating threats. Participants are trained how to organize in the government and partner outside of the government to mitigate current and emerging cyber threats and develop and implement offensive and defensive strategies to combat threats from non-state actors. At the conclusion of the course, participants will test their newly acquired knowledge in a hands-on simulation facilitated by leading practitioners from the defense sector.