Florida Latinos and U.S. Policy towards Venezuela

A telephone survey was conducted where 1016 Latinos in Florida were asked about U.S. Policy towards Venezuela as well as their opinion on the Biden Administration and Foreign Policy. Respondents were obtained from Florida voter registration rolls and were also recruited online. The margin of error was 3.5% at a 95% confidence level.

Research Programs

As the only institute in South Florida that primarily focuses on security and public policy, the Gordon Institute hosts a variety of programs that research traditional and non-traditional security threats and support local, state, and federal partners in the development of public policy on issues related to U.S. national security.


The Gordon Institute produces publications regularly on topics and issues critical to public policy, global security, and national security.

Diplomacy Lab

The U.S Department of State's Diplomacy Lab is an opportunity for students to conduct research around various topics presented to them by the State Department in areas including climate change, democracy and human rights, counterterrorism, global health, and energy security.