Non-Resident Scholars

Gordon Institute Non-Resident Scholars are industry leaders that have dedicated their lives to understanding and addressing the most pressing security challenges facing the world today.

These exceptional individuals are tasked with creating analytic products and presentations on mutually agreed topics that will be posted on the Security Research Hub (SRH) and presented at workshops and events hosted by the SRH. Additionally, scholars will serve as part of a review board tasked with editing and examining other analytic products produced by scholars and Research Affiliates.

Please look at the SRH calendar and look out for SRH announcements to keep track of when the next Non-Resident Scholar event will take place.

  • Daniel Schaeffer

    Daniel Schaeffer
    Senior Officer International Fisheries, Pew Charitable Trusts

  • Ryan C. Berg

    Ryan C. Berg
    Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies

  • Vladimir Rouvinski

    Vladimir Rouvinski
    Director, Center for Inter-Disciplinary Studies, Icesi University

  • Wazim Mowla

    Wazim Mowla
    Assistant Director, Caribbean Initiative At Atlantic Council Adrienne Arsht [...]

  • Livia Wagner

    Livia Wagner
    Network Coordinator and Senior Expert, Global Initiative Against Transnational [...]

  • Lucia Dammert

    Lucia Dammert
    Full Professor, University of Santiago of Chile

  • Barnett S. Koven

    Barnett S. Koven
    Training Director, Near-peer Competition Lead Researcher, and Counterterrorism [...]

  • Louise Marie Hurel

    Louise Marie Hurel
    Digital Security Programme Lead at Igarapé Institute