Undergraduate Certificate in Global Cybersecurity Policy

Offered by the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy, this certificate may be awarded to both degree and non-degree students who complete the requirements. For students pursuing a degree, this certificate is a complement to a student’s discipline or major area of studies. For non-degree seeking students, this certificate provides a means for understanding more about global cybersecurity policy in the 21st century.

Fall 2019 Course List

Certificate Application


Certificate Requirements

A total of 18 credit hours of undergraduate course work with a grade of C or higher. Courses must come from the approved UCGCP course listing or be approved by the certificate advisor. Courses may include those in the student’s departmental major, but must be selected from at least two disciplines outside the student’s departmental major. With the approval of the Director, courses other than those listed herein may be substituted on a case-by-case basis.

Global Cybersecurity Policy: (3 credit hours)

ISS 3653 Foundations of Global Cybersecurity Policy

Core Requirement: (6 credit hours)

Select two of the following courses:

ISS 3652 Cybersecurity and Globalization ISS 3613 Issues in Global Cybersecurity Policy
ISS 4669 Global Cybersecurity Strategies
ISS 4614 International Cybersecurity Law and Ethics
ISS 4651 Topics in Global Cybersecurity Policy

Electives: (9 credit hours) Select three of the following courses:

Business, Finance and Management

FIN 4443 Policies for Financial Management
FIN 4486 Financial Risk Management-Financial Engineering
FIN 4502 Securities Analysis
FIN 4556 Behavioral Finance
FIN 4744 Financial Crime
MAN 4064 Crisis Management
MAN 4613 International Risk Assessment

Computer Science and Information Security

CGS 3092 Professional Ethics and Social Issues in Computing
CGS 3095 Technology in the Global Arena
CGS 3300 Introduction to Information Systems
CIS 4365 Enterprise Cybersecurity Policies and Practices
CNT 4165 Network Protocols for Internet of Things
CNT 4182 Mobile and IoT Cybersecurity Policies and Practices
CNT 4185 Internet of Things Privacy
CNT 4188 Internet of Things Forensics
CNT 4403 Computing and Network Security
CNT 4406 Network Security and Cryptography
CNT 4504 Advanced Network Management
CNT 4513 Data Communications
CNT 4603 Windows System Administration
CNT 4713 Net-centric Computing
EEL 4802 Introduction to Digital Forensics Engineering
EEL 4804 Introduction to Malware Reverse Engineering
EEL 4806 Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures
EEL 4990 Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust

Criminal Justice

CCJ 3934 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
CCJ 4497 Criminal Justice and Public Policy
CCJ 4641 Organized Crime
CJE 4694 Cyber Crime
DSC 4012 Terrorism and Homeland Security


CHS 3501 Survey of Forensic Science
CHS 3511C Forensic Evidence


AMH 4375 Technology and American Society
WOH 4223 History of the Global Economy

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

ISS 3130 Fundamentals of National Security
ISS 3214 Fundamentals of Globalization
ISS 3222 Issues in American Foreign Policy
ISS 4930 Topics in Globalization

Politics and International Relations

INR 3061 Conflict, Security and Peace Studies in IR
INR 3081 Contemporary International Problems
INR 3102 American Foreign Policy
INR 3106 International Relations of the United States
INR 3303 Foreign Policymaking
INR 4335 Strategic Studies & Security Studies
POS 4154 Topics in Urban Politics and Policy
POS 3703 Methods of Political Analysis
PUP 4004 Public Policy: US

Public Administration

PAD 3033 Introduction to Public Administration
PAD 3034 Policy Development and Implementation
PAD 3804 Government and Administration of Metropolitan Areas
PAD 4103 Politics of Administrative Organizations
PAD 4223 Public Sector Budgeting
PAD 4432 Administrative Leadership and Behavior