Graduate Certificate in National Security Studies

National security issues have become highly important - an increasingly salient aspect of our daily lives - since September 11, 2001. The Graduate Certificate in National Security Studies offers a means for understanding more about this critical subject in the 21st century and provides skill enhancements for students interested in national security-related fields. This certificate is an excellent complement to many graduate disciplines. It may be awarded to either degree-seeking or non-degree-seeking students who complete the requirements.

Fall 2019 Course List

Certificate Application

FIU Graduate Admissions Application

Certificate Requirements

A total of 18 credit hours of graduate course work with a grade of "B" or higher. Courses must come from the approved GCNSS course listing or be approved by the certificate adviser. Courses may include those in the student's departmental major, but must also be selected from at least two disciplines outside of the student's departmental major. With approval from the director, courses other than those listed may be substituted on a case-by-case basis.

A two-course introductory language sequence at FIU with a grade of "B" or higher. Exemption from this requirement may be obtained through a proficiency examination administered by the FIU Department of Modern Languages. Language courses may not be counted toward the fulfillment of requirement 1 above.

Note: Intermediate-high on the ACTFL exam (1-plus on the U.S. government scale) can normally be attained by students with two undergraduate semesters of basic language instruction and at least one undergraduate semester of intermediate (3000/4000) instruction. Attainment of the required language proficiency is the responsibility of the student, and extra courses to achieve the required proficiency level must be taken outside of the GCNSS curriculum.

Overall Course List

Skill Requirement (3 credits) select one of the following courses:

POS 5785: Writing Professionally
ISS 5388: Communicating Analytically

Core Requirement (6 credits) select one of the following courses:

GIS 5620: Surveillance, Intelligence, and International Relations
POS 5706: Research Methodology
SYA 6305: Research Methods I

Select one of the following courses:

INR 5007: Seminar in International Politics
INR 5105: American Foreign Policy
INR 5315: Foreign Policy Analysis
INR 5615: Research Design in International Relations
INR 6107: U.S. Foreign Policy: Processes and Institutions
INR 6338: Seminar in Strategic Studies

National Security Studies (3 credits)

ISS 5135: National Security Essentials

Electives (6 credits) select two of the following courses:

AFH 5905: Readings in African History
AFH 5935: Topics in African History
AMH 5905: Readings in American History
AMH 5935: Topics in American History
ANG 6303 Comparative Feminisms
ANG 6339: Seminar on Latin America
ANT 6302: Gender Identity in Comparative Perspective
CCJ 6040: Comparative Crime and Criminal Justice Systems
CCJ 6056: History of the American Criminal Justice System
CCJ 6676: Transnational Crime and National Security
CCJ 6935: Special Topics
CJL 6421: Legal Issues for Criminal Justice
CPO 5036: Politics of Development
CPO 5325: Politics of the Caribbean
CPO 5936: Seminar in Comparative Political Parties
CPO 6092: Seminar in Comparative Political Culture
CPO 6105: Politics of the European Union
CPO 6106: Seminar in European Politics
CPO 6206: Seminar in African Politics
CPO 6307: Seminar on South American Politics
CPO 6316: Seminar in Latin American Democratic Institutions
CPO 6350: Seminar in Brazilian Politics
CPO 6376: Seminar in Central American Politics
CPO 6407: Seminar in Politics of the Middle East
DSC 6020: Terrorism and Homeland Security
ECO 5709: The World Economy
ECO 6225: Economics of Asset Markets
ECO 6416: Applied Quantitative Methods in Economics
ECO 7206: Macroeconomic Theory I
ECO 7207: Macroeconomic Theory II
ECO 7236: Money, Banking and Monetary Policy
ECO 7424: Economic Metric Methods I
ECO 7425: Economic Metric Methods II
ECO 7705: International Trade
ECO 7716: International Money
ECP 5707: International Economic Problems
ECS 5005: Comparative Economic Systems
ECS 5027: Economic Development of Emerging Nations
ECS 5406: Latin American Economies
ECS 6436: Economics of Caribbean Migration
ECS 7015: Development Economics Theory
ECS 7026: Development Economics Planning and Policy
ECS 7405: Economics of Latin America
ECS 7435: Economics of the Caribbean
ECS 7445: Economics of Central America
EUH 5905: Readings in European History
EUH 5935: Topics in European History
FIN 6644: Global Financial Strategy
GEA 6409: Landscapes of Violence and Healing in the Americas
GEO 5415: Topics in Social Geography
GEO 5557: Globalization
GEO 6473: Space, Place and Identity
GIS 5935: Topics in Geographic Information Systems
GIS 5038: Remote Sensing
HIS 5939: Special Topics
HIS 6059: Historical Methods
INR 5036: Politics of Globalization
INR 5062: War, Peace and Conflict Resolution in International Relations
INR 5086: Islam in International Relations
INR 5087: Ethnicity and the Politics of Development
INR 5255: Seminar in African Development
INR 5275: International Relations of the Middle East
INR 5409: International Law I
INR 5507: International Organizations I
INR 5607: International Relations and Development
INR 5609: Dynamics of International Relations in the 20th Century
INR 5934: Topics in International Politics
INR 6089: International Relations and Human Rights
INR 6209: Comparative Foreign Policy of Latin America
INR 6266: Russian Foreign Policy
INR 6406: International Law II
INR 6605: Contemporary International Systems
INR 6705: Seminar in International Political Economy
INR 6706: Political Economy of International Relations
INR 6936: Seminar in Inter-American Politics
LAH 5905: Readings in Latin American History
LAH 5935: Topics in Latin American History
LAW 6251: Comparative Constitutional Law
LAW 6255: Comparative Law - Constitutions and the Judicial Process
LAW 6280: European Union Law
LAW 6264: Immigration Law
LAW 6103: International Criminal Law
LAW 7268: International Environmental Law
LAW 6263: International Human Rights Law
LAW 6282: Law and Politics in Latin America
LAW 6260: Public International Law
LAW 6506: Foreign Relations and National Security Law
LAW 6936: Topics - Seminar in National Security and the Constitution
LAW 7930: Special Topics in Law
PAD 6701: Quantitative Methods in Public Administration
POS 6725: Formal Political Modeling
POS 6918: Seminar in Political Science Research
REL 5025: Myth and Religion
REL 5144: Women and Religion
REL 5149: Religion, Violence, and Conflict
REL 5352: Religions of East Asia
REL 5488: Theology and Liberation Movements
REL 6322: Seminar in Western Religions
REL 6395: Seminar in Asian Religions
REL 6442: Religion in the Contemporary World
SYD 5045: Population and Society
SYD 6236: International Migration and Refugees
SYD 6705: Comparative Analysis of Ethnicity and Race
SYG 6932: Special Topics in Disaster Studies
SYO 6306: Political Sociology
SYP 5447: Development and Post-Development
SYP 6306: Comparative Social Movements
SYP 6907: Comparative and Global Social Change
WOH 5237: The African Diaspora Since the End of the Slave Trade