Intelligence Fellowship

Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence Intelligence Fellowship Program

Intelligence Fellowship Application

The IC-CAE Intelligence Fellowship Program at FIU’s Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy is an intelligence community workforce development program. The IC-CAE Fellowship is designed to fuse world class academics with mentorship, professional development and research experience in order to strengthen our students' competitiveness to land a job in the US intelligence community. The program duration is one year.


Intelligence Fellows will receive academic training via 6 online courses that will fulfill the requirements for a Certificate in National Security Studies. Courses include Analytic Writing, Structured Analytic Methods, Fundamentals of National Security, Fundamentals of Globalization, Issues in US Foreign Policy, and Ethics in Intelligence. The courses are taught by practitioners.


The mentorship program is designed to help Gordon Institute’s Intelligence Fellows by pairing our Fellows with mentors that have served in the US intelligence community. Mentors will provide mentorship to Fellows in three key areas: professional development, intelligence community culture and subcultures, and intelligence analysis (research, critical thinking, and written and oral communications skills). Mentors should meet face-to-face with intelligence fellows at least 3 times per month for about 1-2 hours per meeting. It will be up to the intelligence fellow and mentor to coordinate the meeting; it is recommended that a schedule is developed at the beginning of each semester. Each mentor will be asked to work with an average of 5 students per semester, maintaining the same group of fellows for the fall and spring academic calendar.


Each fellow will select a functional and geographic area at the start of the program. The fellow will research, write, and present on that functional and geographic area during the course of the fellowship. During the fall, fellows will produce 500 word analytic blogs biweekly exploring the functional topic in the geographic context. Each blog should build on the analysis of the previous blog, furthering the fellows’ depth on the subject while honing analytical skills. Mentors, faculty, peers, and subject matter experts will periodically provide feedback on logic and flow of analysis. During the spring, fellows will produce a series of monthly analytic products—2 assessments and 2 estimates. Each product length is approximately 2,000 words. The assessments and estimates should build off of the fall blogs. Fellows will publish and present their work at various outlets made available by Gordon Institute program coordinators.

Research Schedule

  • Fall: 8 Biweekly Security Blog Entries (500 words each).
  • Spring: 2 Security Assessments (2,000 words each), 2 Security Estimates (2,000 words each), 1 Presentation.

Functional Areas

  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy and Environmental Security
  • Military
  • Socio-cultural Analysis
  • Transnational Organized Crime
  • Terrorism / Violent Extremism

Geographic Areas

  • United States
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • North America
  • Middle East
  • Russia/Eurasia

Professional Development

Strengthening job seeking skills is another important component of the Intelligence Fellowship. In collaboration with the FIU Career Services Office and the FIU Office of Writing Excellence, JGI will sponsor a Professional Development Workshop series that aims to refine and enhance Fellows’ job seeking skills. During the fall semester Fellows will learn about five critical professional development areas centered on resume, cover letter and personal statement writing, developing an elevator pitch, and honing scenario-based interview questions skills. During the spring semester, fellows will further their professional development by learning about the following key areas: public speaking, networking, branding for success, and developing their portfolio.

In addition, the Intelligence Fellowship will leverage the newly launched FIU in DC Office and its VTC capability to introduce its National Security Students and Intelligence Fellows to the IC through a series of webinars aimed at improving students’ job seeking skills.