Robert Boyd, Ph.D.


Dr. Robert D. Boyd is a Senior Advisor and Chief of Special Projects at United States Southern Command. Prior to this appointment, he served as a Senior Advisor within the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Department as an advising executive, think tanks, warfighting forums, and conferences. Ultimately, leading to the establishment of United States Cyber Command.

Dr. Boyd is an alumnus of American Military University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Studies with a concentration in Analysis. After completion of his bachelor’s, he pursued a master’s from the American Military University in the field of International Relations, specializing in Transnational Security Issues.

While completing his master’s program he continued work in the field of analytical and strategic operations abroad in Thailand, South Korea, and Japan. Following the completion of his master’s degree, he pursued a doctorate degree in Management, specializing in pedagogical and andragogical development of the Department of Defense cybersecurity professional workforce.

While attending university, he continued his practice in the field of cybersecurity, and later published the Cyberspace Category and Characteristic Approach or C3A as a phased approach to understand how divergent communication of cyber threats can be applied to the understanding of cybersecurity threats by comprehending how diverse groups describe and communicate a threat and methods to responding. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at Florida International University (FIU).