Senior Fellows

Mauricio Angee, Chief Information Security Officer, Mount Sinai Medical Center

Hal Brands, Henry A. Kissinger Distinguished Professor of Global Affairs, Johns Hopkins University

Marten Brienen, Lecturer, Oklahoma State University

Ed Cabrera, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Trend Micro

Anthony Clayton, Alcan Professor of Caribbean Sustainable Development at the University of the West Indies

Sebastián Antonino Cutrona, Professor, Universidad Nacional de La Rioja, Argentina

Maria Donoso, Coordinator, International Programs, Institute of Water and Environment, FIU

R. Evan Ellis, Research Professor of Latin American Studies at the US Army War College

Mauro Gilli, Senior Researcher in Military Technology and International Security at the Center for Security Studie

Eric Golnick, Strategic Planner at Natick Army Research Labs

Victor J. Hinojosa, Associate Professor, Baylor University

Gabriela Hoberman, Assistant Director of Research Programs and Services in the Extreme Events Institute, FlU

Hanna S. Kassab, Visiting Professor, Northern Michigan University

Mark Kirton, Senior Lecturer, University of The West Indies, St. Augustine

Barnett S. Koven, Sr Researcher-Univ. of Maryland Nat'l Consortium for the Study of Terrorism & Responses to Terrorism

Cynthia McClintock, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University

Keith Noble, Miami Office Director, Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations, Inc.,

Orlando Perez, Associate Dean, Millersville University

Francisco Thoumi, Independent Scholar and Member of the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board