Public Policy Fellowship

Public Policy Fellow Application

The Public Policy Fellowship program at The Jack D. Gordon Institute – in partnership with the Office of Government Relations –is a public policy workforce development initiative. A highly selective program, the Public Policy Fellowship provides opportunities for students to integrate rigorous coursework, research, and mentorship in pursuit of a career in local, state, and federal government. The program duration is two semesters.

Program Structure

The Public Policy Fellowship program includes academics, supervised public policy-focused research, mentorship by practitioners, professional development and internships at local, state, federal, and other public policy focused organizations. The Public Policy Fellowship Program will leverage a network of public policy practitioners and academic policy experts in order to provide mentorship, context, and support policy-driven research that empowers a diverse generation of public policy professionals.

Academics Policy Fellows will receive academic training via courses in related fields. Core courses will center on micro and macro-economic principles, understanding the US legislative process at all levels of government, and public sector budgeting. Students will be able to select additional courses in various fields as electives to complement their core courses and discipline areas.

Mentorship—JGI will leverage its network of public sector professionals to support and mentor the Policy Fellows. Policy Fellows will be paired with mentors that have served or currently serve in the public sector workforce. Mentors will serve as coaches, supporting Policy Fellows in three key areas: domestic and foreign policy research (critical thinking and structured analysis), professional development (including written and oral communications skills) and public policy workforce ethics. Fellows will routinely engage mentors during the program.

Research—Public Fellows will acquire expertise in a specific US policy area by spending the duration of the fellowship understanding and advancing knowledge on important public policy themes. Fellows will research, write, publish, and present on a specific policy topic under the supervision of their faculty and mentors. Mentors, faculty, peers, and subject matter experts will routinely provide feedback on Fellows research, improving Fellows’ analytical and critical thinking skills. Fellows will publish and present their work at various outlets made available by program coordinators.

Professional Development—Policy Fellows will participate in a series of Professional Development Workshops aimed at preparing students to enter the public sector workforce. These workshops will be led by FIU’s network of policy experts and professionals who will conduct interactive simulations and table-top exercises that places fellows in the role of a policy-makers and exposes them to a broad set of challenges and best practices. Additionally, professional development workshops will support Fellows in critical professional development areas including resume building, cover letter and personal statement writing, public speaking, networking, and branding for success.

Federal, State, and Local Government Internships—Working through FIU’s Governmental Relations Office, students will have opportunities to intern for local, state, and federal public policy-focused organizations including legislative representatives, government organizations, and policy think tanks. The program will partner with FIU in DC to support Public Policy Fellows interning in Washington D.C.

Program Eligibility

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident