Global Security Review

Global Security Review is the flagship journal of JGI. This journal seeks to publish pieces by leading academics, policy analysts, and practitioners on important security issues in the twenty-first century. Each issue deals with a particular topic related to global security. The articles seek to be innovative and bridge the academic policy divide. The first issue has contributions by leading scholars such as Dr. Robert Jervis of Columbia University and Dr. Bruce Bagley of the University of Miami, among others. The inaugural issue addresses important security issues such as cybersecurity, energy security, environmental security, drug trafficking and organized crime, and terrorism.

The articles undergo exhaustive reviews by the editors to ensure high quality. We are honored to have an editorial board that consists of security experts such as Dr. Eduardo Gamarra and Dr. Frank Mora, among others. We hope that you enjoy the Global Security Review and invite you to share this journal with your colleagues. Journal submissions are by invitation only, but we invite you to contact JGI if you have any interesting ideas.

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