Summer Institute on National Security a Great Success

Eighteen Miami-Dade County high school students participated in a week-long Jack D. Gordon Summer Institute on National Security Studies at the FIU MMC campus.

The June 8-12, 2015 multi-disciplinary Summer Institute incorporated topics in Foreign Policy Analysis, International Security and assessments of World Politics. This year's program covered contemporary Middle East issues of importance to U.S. national security. Students simulated the recently culminated P5+1 Iran Nuclear Negations thereby experiencing the arduous task of nuclear diplomacy and negotiating international arms control and disarmament agreements. Participants also engaged in an exercise analyzing Iraq’s WMD program and simulated the role of intelligence analysts by preparing an outline of the 2002 National Intelligence Estimate on Iraqi WMDs.

The Summer Institute also covered other aspects of the intelligence analyst profession such as the intelligence cycle, intelligence analysis, analytic writing and key judgments. Students also participated in briefings on the security clearance process and the polygraph examination, for which the students were grateful and surprised as the presentation dispelled some myths but also informed them on patterns of behaviors and other activities that would disqualify an applicant from future employment with the federal government. Moreover, the Summer Institute provided an opportunity for its high school participants to meet professionals in the field of National Security during an IC-Career Day Panel with representatives from DIA-SOUTHCOM, DHS-Homeland Security Investigations, US Coast Guard, and State Department.

The highlight of the Summer Institute was the visit to and tour of the new FBI Miami Field Office Headquarters in Miramar, Florida. Summer Institute participants marveled at the Benjamin P. Grogan and Jerry L. Dove Federal Building which houses the Miami FBI Field Office and the US General Services Administration (GSA). Special thanks to FBI Special Agent and Recruiter Kathleen Cymbaluk for her assistance and coordination of the FBI Field Office visit!