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Venezuelan Migration Crisis: Medium and Long-Term Impacts


The recent debate on Venezuela has primarily focused on the promotion of a political transition to reestablish a functioning democracy, respect for human rights, and restore a viable economy. However, the discussion and resulting actions should also focus on the need to address the medium to long term regional effects of the Venezuelan migration crisis. The human dimensions of the country’s protracted political, economic, and humanitarian crisis have been daunting, with 4.5 million Venezuelan...

Pompeo demands that Maduro leave Venezuela amid the ‘horror and tragedy’


U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrapped up a four-nation tour of South America on Sunday at the Colombian-Venezuelan border, asking the man in the presidential palace in Caracas to step down for the good of his nation. Check out this article on the subject, that includes comments by one of JGI’s senior policy analyst, Imdat Oner.

How Turkey's Lifeline to Maduro May Fall Apart


Nicolás Maduro has been one of the main characters in our daily news for the past couple of weeks. With Venezuela going through so much, it is important think about what will happen next. Check out this article by one of JGI’s senior policy analyst, Imdat Oner, that talks about Turkish-Venezuelan relations.

Student Spotlight

We're highlighting JGI students and their works by showcasing their articles, providing an opportunity to develop professional writing skills.

The Return of Russian Disinformation in the Coronavirus Era by Savina Koda
The COVID-19 pandemic created a U.S. election season like no other, infiltrating the lives of every American and transforming the world into a “new normal”. Concern for the coronavirus has distracted many voters from an enduring problem that dominated the headlines of news outlets during the 2016 election cycle: Russian influence in U.S. elections. Despite its reduced media coverage, the threat persists. Russia will use COVID-related information operations in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections to degrade public trust in the U.S. electoral system and shift the election in favor of Donald Trump.

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National Security Workshop: FBI

11/05/2020 03:00 PM

Today’s FBI is an intelligence-driven and threat-focused national security organization with both intelligence and law enforcement responsibilities. It is staffed by a dedicated cadre of more than 30,000 agents, analysts, and other professionals who work around the clock and across the globe to protect the U.S. from terrorism, espionage, cyber-attacks, and major criminal threats.

Foundations of Cyber Operations

11/07/2020 09:00 AM

The demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to outpace supply. This development badge will provide you an accessible means to learn about an important aspect of cybersecurity and begin a career in a highly lucrative industry. Participants will learn a core competency needed to function in a highly digitized world through five modules over three days.

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