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Pompeo demands that Maduro leave Venezuela amid the ‘horror and tragedy’


U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrapped up a four-nation tour of South America on Sunday at the Colombian-Venezuelan border, asking the man in the presidential palace in Caracas to step down for the good of his nation. Check out this article on the subject, that includes comments by one of JGI’s senior policy analyst, Imdat Oner.

How Turkey's Lifeline to Maduro May Fall Apart


Nicolás Maduro has been one of the main characters in our daily news for the past couple of weeks. With Venezuela going through so much, it is important think about what will happen next. Check out this article by one of JGI’s senior policy analyst, Imdat Oner, that talks about Turkish-Venezuelan relations.

Erdogan is sowing a Trukish obsession in Latin America


Imdat Oner, a former Turkish diplomat based in Caracas from 2014 to 2016 who is now a senior policy analyst at the Jack Gordon Institute at Florida International University contributed on a very interesting piece on about developing relations between Turkey and Latin America this week. Check it out!

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